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Submission Guidelines

We wouldn’t be here without lots of fantastic websites to showcase, and we’re glad that you want to add yours to the collection! However, we do ask that you read the following guidelines carefully and ensure your website adheres to them before submitting it into our gallery.

All submissions are manually reviewed by our team, and any not meeting all of the points below will be rejected. Feel free to resubmit if you make the amendments.

So, here are the submission guidelines:

To be accepted into the Technographics gallery, your website:

  • Must have unique content.
  • Must have a custom design or a fully modified premade template (e.g. an unrecognisable version of WordPress Twenty Eleven).
  • Must provide value for the visitor in some way (i.e. no ‘made for advertising’ sites).
  • Must not be an adult, gambling, weapons, or drug-themed website, or one advocating illegal activities.
  • Must be loved, i.e. not abandoned or have sloppy code or unfinished pages, and have general care and attention put into it.
  • Must have good level of English (or high standards of whatever language used).

If you’re just looking for another link to your website or a way to get your page indexed we aren’t for you. Whilst we don’t expect your website to be the best in the universe, we do only accept websites that boast engaging content and design. This protects our reputation as well as that of other websites in our gallery.

Thanks for reading our guidelines! If you think your site meets our requirements, please head over to our submission form to enter your webpage for review.

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